Sweet Alchemy slot machine

With a sweet theme, this slot features a sweet setting with an elegant manga-style scientist nicknamed Candy, who crafts and creates various colourful and luscious candies.

Sweet Alchemy Features

sweet alchemy mobile app
  • Software: Play N GO
  • Theme(s): Cooking
  • Bonus : Yes
  • Free spins: Yes

The scene takes place in a dream-like setting, on a purple cloud under a midnight blue sky glittering with little stars. Our friend Candy stands on the right side of the slot machine in front of her magic cauldron where she creates and transforms candies into sweets and magic spells. She is animated and will comment on the various actions and combinations that appear on the reels of the machine.

On the reels of the machine are illustrated the various symbols representing the theme of the game, namely various coloured sweets falling in a cascade. All of these treats can be found in the formula book by clicking on the “i” in the game info. There are multi-coloured striped sweets, round chocolate-coated sweets covered with small coloured sugars, and various other colourful sweets in the shape of stars, hearts, drops, circles, squares, pyramids, crescents and donuts.

The game also features a little melody to add to the fun.

Features of the free game

sweet alchemy interface

Sweet Alchemy offers several advantages by providing players with a scalable mode of operation and a rather interesting structure to accumulate wins. Indeed, the game’s configuration comes in the form of 5×5 slots with win clusters or a cascading grid instead of paylines. These are triggered once the user manages to collect four similar symbols. They disappear as they generate winning streaks. As you explore the machine, you’ll notice a gauge on the right-hand side containing several types of Wilds. The list also consists of Striped Wilds and Dotted Wilds depending on the number of rewards. The player also benefits from a win multiplier that can increase the prizes throughout the game.

Betting amounts range from 10 cents to €100 per spin. Compatible with any medium, the slot focuses on a fun and entertaining theme suitable for all players. The game is easy to play thanks to a waterfall system reminiscent of the one-armed bandits of yesteryear. Icons include pellets, nuts, stars and cubes.

According to Play’n GO CEO Johan Törnqvist, Sweet Alchemy is based on a specific development strategy with several payout levels and different objectives. He adds that the game focuses on simplicity with a theme that should appeal to all Internet users. All this is mixed with stunning graphics and catchy sound animations.

The Sweet Alchemy title was launched at an event in Kuromi allowing visitors to access the game’s demo mode and enjoy numerous tournaments. Since the beginning of 2018, it is the second slot released during this March after Imperial Opera.

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