Is the concept of a live casino with real dealers fair? Many people wonder about this. And this time we’re not talking so much about the processing of bets and payouts, but about the casino games themselves. Do you as a player have a fair chance when playing roulette or blackjack, or do casinos manipulate their software and gaming tables? High time to take a detailed look at whether the live online casino is fair.


Online gambling

To determine if an online casino is fair, it is first good to realize that there are two different types of online casinos:

  • Play Live Dealer. In addition, you have live casino games where you watch a real dealer or croupier on TV, so to speak. It serves a real casino table game in the same way as in a real casino. You simply don’t have to visit the casino; you have to watch via an HD video connection. You can see the roulette wheel spinning or the dealer dealing the cards. By the way, you will find both types of games in the Spinia Casino.
  • RNG. First, you can play online slot and table games at casinos. In this case, you are playing a video game. A so-called random number generator (RNG) provides the random results in the software. There is no real roulette wheel spinning, but you see an animation. And the software always determines a number between 0 and 36 in the background.

The question of whether the online casino is fair is different in both cases. In online casino games, it is about the reliability of the software. In live casino for the reliability of the croupiers, casino tables and other attributes. 


Let’s start with online casino games. In online casinos, the random number generator “draws” each game round. But is that a draw? For the same money, the programmer has created the software so that the casino owner can enter the desired numbers in advance. Or the draw can depend on your bet.

Theoretically, this is possible, although it is rarely the casino itself that exploits it over the guests. There are known cases when hackers themselves bought a slot machine and were able to determine the algorithm used to “draw” the random numbers using “reverse engineering”. 


live casino games

Are our live dealers fair? What about live casino games? The live roulette tables, for example, are located in real, popular casinos. The live casino, therefore, benefits from the reputation of these casinos. However, there are also live casino providers that use separate casino tables in live studios. 

The same is true for online casinos. There are some providers that offer live casino games for a large number of casinos from their studios with their croupiers. So, if you play live roulette in a casino, you will probably end up. The company is so big and has so many customers that cheating becomes difficult, and reputation is crucial that the casino games are fair and professionally controlled.


Currently, most online casinos for the European market run under the Maltese flag. This means that the Maltese government monitors reliability. However, there are also other licenses which is a sign of casino reliability and safety. Look for a reliable casino and enjoy live gambling!

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