5 best software for sports betting

In case you want to enjoy additional services, some payments must be made for the software to provide them. Many people enjoy this, getting statistics that always help when placing a bet.


two footballers

This option focuses on football, including more than 80 leagues for which you can get statistics. In this way, you can find the bets you are most interested in and want to place in the world of football.

Willybet is in charge of analysing different variables, including bots through Telegram to have high quality information. Its server is completely, a limitation for those who are fluent in German or English.

In addition, it allows the creation of groups in which betting information is exchanged. That is why it is among the best sports betting software and preferred by many users who are football fans.

OddsMonkey free sports betting software


It presents a lot of data, I feel totally free and without having to give any payment data without exceeding some specific limits. Your winnings limit is 45 euros, in case of exceeding this profit, you have to pay the premium package.

You can try the free version and, when you realise its benefits, you can access the premium version. In the premium package there is more, making it possible to win any amount of money without a maximum.

This sports betting software has the Oddsmatching and Racing Matcher tools. In addition, there is a calendar in which you can review all betting opportunities without limitations.

Accumulator Generator

One of the most popular and widely used sports betting software in the world, it is well worth the money. When you buy the package, you get a 3 hour video of how it works.

This way you can get the most out of it, and it is essential to watch it in order to familiarise yourself with the programme. This way, you have the option to place bets at the same time and thus have more options to win money.

It also allows you to include bookmakers that you want to work with, giving you better results. It is one of the sports betting software that allows you to customise the tool with the league in which you will participate.

In this way, the betting process becomes easier and you focus your attention on what you want to bet on. The system shows you the betting possibilities and possible winnings that you can have.

This way, from your position as a bettor, you can discard those options that don’t interest you and take the ones that do.


Betslayer is one of the sports betting software that offers the best betting options. Although it has been around for a short time, it has given good results and continues to be updated to offer a better service to its users.

Once you enter the software, you can choose from 3 different betting packages. For simple bets, the Silver option, which is the cheapest, is always functional.

In the second option, there is the Gold plan, in which you have access to 95% of the arbs. It provides extra services, which will help you to have a better user experience.

However, it is one of the most complete sports betting software, and there is a third plan. This is the platinum plan, thus having access to 99% of the arbs that the whole software has.

Although full access is always better, it is always best to check if that is what you really want.


Although it is not a betting system, it does provide very good predictions. To do this, a general statistical analysis is given which is then simplified to make it easier for users.

First, this sports betting software offers a simple prediction. In it are the chances that the team will lose, draw or win.

In addition, it shows the history of the two teams that will participate and everything about their statistics. In this way it is taken as a tool that will help to make the best decision by clarifying any doubts that may exist.

In case you want to, you can use it before other sports betting software.

Advantages of online betting

One of the main advantages found is that welcome bonuses and promotions can be used for betting. Although not all sports betting software does this, many do allow you to use them for betting.

Thus, they stand out as a good way to start earning money and experience their benefits. In addition, the odds of the bookmakers are interesting and offer a large profit margin.

They are very different from those found in traditional establishments, thus giving higher profits in the long run. Another advantage is that they can be made from the comfort of your home from any device with Internet access.

All money can be transferred from a bank account with the use of third party applications. This is the way many sports betting software applications ensure that money is safe.

This way secure transactions are generated whenever they take place. Many sportsbooks have this as their main principle, which generates a lot of confidence for users.

Whatever option is taken among the sports betting software will always help in making money. The processes to get started are not too complicated, but of great importance.

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