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Video Bingo is the best adaptation of physical bingo halls to the computer screen and mobile devices. Unlike online bingo, Video Bingo has very attractive features for online casino players. It is a game of chance in which you play with balls with small numbers on them and a card with several of those numbers which are distributed in several rows. The only goal of this game is to fill in all the numbers on the cardboard according to the numbers on the balls. Once all the numbers have been crossed off, bingo is played and if you are the first to cross off all the numbers on the card, you win.

For example, Video Bingo tends to resemble a video game. So music and visual effects are a major factor in the game.

Once you have all your bets ready per card, it’s time to press “Play” to watch the balls come out of the drum – usually around 30 balls – which will allow you to hit the prize lines or winning combinations for the game in question. You will usually have between 15 and 20 combinations on which you can continue to win credits.

Many of the winning lines will be bonus and, where applicable, the game will have a bonus round that is totally different to video bingo, making the game even more like an online slot machine.

What’s more, if your combinations come within one ball of completion, the game is likely to give you extra balls for a small fee that you will have to pay. In some games, it will even give you the chance to choose the ball that can complete your best winning combination – amazing!

Video Bingo Rules and Prizes


By following the rules of traditional bingo, but with the addition of some more interesting and exciting ones, online Video Bingo allows you to enjoy unique games. There is, however, a great similarity between the prizes and rules of the game between bingo and video bingo.

One of the features of Video Bingo is that when you are close to a prize and you are two balls short, you have the option to buy an extra ball. So, if you want to increase your chances of winning bigger prizes, choose an extra ball.

Why play video bingo?

live bingo

Now that you know the basics of video bingo, and you’ve seen that it’s very similar to online bingo, all that’s left is to choose the online casino you like best to start playing.

All this should have taken away the fear and anxiety of worrying about the smaller things you might encounter in traditional bingo, such as a real caller, etc.

Video bingo has an element of chance. This makes it one of the most fun games to play online. However, this also means that it is quite difficult to predict the winning outcome. But there are ways to think strategically to increase your chances of winning.

Here are some of the advantages of playing online video bingo:

The more cards you wager, the better your chances of winning. Bear in mind that many will only let you bet on four cards simultaneously and with different numbers of bets, although this number can increase up to 12.

  • Calculate the odds based on the tickets and numbers.
  • Your chances of winning will increase as the game progresses, as the same balls will not always come up.
  • You can calculate your odds with the balls and cards.
  • Gamble by counting your odds and you will win more.

Origins of video bingo

Now that we have seen what video bingo is, let’s take a look at the traditional game of bingo, its origins and its typology.

This is a game of chance based on a drum filled with 90 balls with small numbers inside. Here the players have one or more cards with rows of numbers, usually from 1 to 90, but now we will see that there are many more varieties. The game consists of the drum starting to spin and the balls with the numbers coming out, the players cross off the numbers as they come out. The aim of the game is to cross out all the numbers, firstly to make a line, which is when you cross out all the numbers in the same line, and then to make bingo, which means that you have crossed out all the numbers on the card and if you are the first to do so you become the winner.

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